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Metal Workshops

Metal garages are wonderful places to park your personal vehicles and keep them protected. But maybe you’re looking for something more than just a garage building. Need some dedicated space for getting stuff done? Honestly, who doesn’t?

A metal workshop from Central Steel Carports can be your perfect solution! Whether you just need an enclosed metal building for tinkering on your car or whether you need a larger facility for commercial, agricultural, or industrial pursuits, we can source, deliver, and install your ideal metal workshop. Keep scrolling to learn more about what we can do for you!

What Are Some Examples of Popular Prefab Metal Workshops?

What are some ways you can choose to take advantage of a prefab metal workshop building? There are honestly quite a few! A lot of it comes down to what particular building application or applications you may have in mind. If you have a specific workshop need, there’s a metal workshop for that! One of the great things about these multipurpose metal structures is that they can be used for all sorts of things. Here are just a few of the possibilities available from Central Steel Carports:

  • Backyard workshop:  Maybe you just need a protected backyard space to get some things done. With a backyard metal workshop, you’ll have a place where you can work to check all sorts of things off your home to-do list. A backyard metal workshop is a great place for pursuing some personal hobbies, too.
  • Carpentry and woodworking shop : Carpentry and woodworking both require a particular set of tools and power equipment, and these items are best used and stored within a space that’s safe and secure from the elements. A metal workshop is a great place for you to set up shop with your personal carpentry and woodworking efforts.
  • Personal auto workshop : Wish you had some protected space for tinkering on your vehicles, changing oil, and doing some of your own vehicle maintenance? Well, by choosing to install a metal workshop on your property, you can!
  • Workshop/garage combo : Lots of folks like to use their garage as a workshop and vice versa. The problem for many is that the garage they’re using isn’t big enough to accommodate all of their vehicle parking and workshop needs at the same time. With Central Steel Carports, you can design your own custom metal workshop garage that’s truly large enough to meet all of your needs.
  • Commercial workshop : Of course, metal workshops aren’t just useful for residential needs. Metal structures are perfect for use in commercial, agricultural, and industrial environments, too. Need a manufacturing facility, fabrication facility, production facility, finishing facility, or something else? There’s a commercial metal workshop solution for that!
  • Commercial workshop/warehouse combo : Just as you can design your own residential workshop/garage combo, you can just as easily create a larger workshop/warehouse building for commercial purposes. A steel workshop can be designed essentially as large as you want or need, and you have full reign over deciding the particulars of your interior floor plan.
  • Commercial auto service center : Commercial metal workshops make fantastic buildings for hosting an auto service center business. You can design a custom building with multiple vehicle bays and even build office space as well. To that end, a commercial metal building can be used to host all sorts of businesses, including retail storefronts, bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, and most anything else you can think of!

Roof Style Options for Metal Workshops

The roof style you choose for your custom steel workshop is important. It helps to decide how strong your structure will be and also helps to determine the final price of your structure. When making a roof style choice for your new metal workshop, it’s important to take local weather and climate into account, as well.

  1. Regular Roof Workshops : The regular roof is a classic metal structure roof design and also happens to be the most economical. It comes with a familiar rounded roof that’s seen on many traditional barn buildings. The roof paneling is applied horizontally and runs from front to back. This roof style continues to be popular and works very well for smaller-sized workshop buildings.
  2. A-frame Horizontal / Boxed Eave Workshops
    These are more commonly known as boxed-eave roofs. The A-frame horizontal roof style is popular with property owners who prefer a metal workshop roof that comes closer to matching the look of a standard home roof. Like the regular roof, the paneling is applied horizontally on an A-frame roof. But a key difference is that an A-frame is a stronger base design than a regular roof, so it provides better support.
  3. Vertical Roof Workshops
    The vertical roof workshop comes with the strongest metal roof available. It’s also built on a solid A-frame, but comes with extra reinforcements, bracing, and supports. And not only is it the strongest, but it’s also the most effective of the three roof types at shedding precipitation and debris, thanks to the vertically oriented roof paneling.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing a Steel Workshop?

There are lots of reasons why a steel workshop building is superior to a stick build or other comparable structure:

  • Durable and Rugged – Steel workshops aren’t susceptible to rot and are essentially impervious to moisture. They’re engineered to endure all the common stresses of the elements, including sun, wind, rain, snow, and hail. A steel structure can even withstand earthquake activity better. There’s really not an outdoor structure better suited for handling whatever Mother Nature brings your way.
  • Easy Maintenance – Workshops can get dirty in a hurry, but thankfully, galvanized steel is much easier to clean than other construction materials. And since the colors are baked into the metal paneling, you won’t have to worry about peeling paint, color fading, or other issues you’d face with a wooden structure.
  • Resistant to Most Common Threats – Termites aren’t attracted to steel, and they can’t chew through it either. Essentially, no common pests or critters really pose any threat. Steel doesn’t harbor mold or mildew, either. But what about fire concerns? Steel is naturally incombustible, so it offers much better fire resistance than any stick-built construction.
  • Versatile, Expandable Building – Steel tube framing and steel paneling are surprisingly versatile as building materials. You can custom design a steel workshop building to suit any need, and steel workshops can double as good multipurpose shelters too. In addition, it’s simpler to expand or adapt a metal steel workshop should your building needs ever change.
  • Faster Construction – Steel workshops go up fast! The precision-manufactured steel components come pre-measured, pre-welded, pre-cut, and ready to go once they arrive at your building site. This means less time and labor are needed on the installation site. Whereas a stick build can take many weeks or even months to complete, a steel workshop can go up in a matter of days.
  • Even More Eco-friendly – Surprised? While wood comes from a renewable source, the trees themselves aren’t always harvested, processed, or replanted in a sustainable manner. But the steel in our workshop structures is 100% recyclable and is manufactured with a minimum percentage of recycled steel itself. And since all the steel components come pre-measured and pre-cut, there’s essentially no leftover site waste to put in a landfill. When you think about it, steel is really one of the most eco-friendly construction materials you can choose!

Metal Workshop Customization Options

Beyond choosing a roof style, there are quite a few other ways you can customize and personalize your own metal workshop with Central Steel Carports. Here are just some of the ways:

  • Metal Workshop Size : What all do you need to be able to fit inside your workshop? And how else would you like to use your building? How you answer these questions will play a big role in deciding how big of a building you really need. And no matter how big you want to go, Central Steel Carports can build to suit!
  • Metal Workshop Colors : Got a particular color in mind for your metal workshop? We’ve got lots of great color choices for you to consider at Central Steel Carports. We offer a full palette of color choices for your roof paneling, side paneling, and trim. You can create whatever look you like!
  • Metal Workshop Doors, Windows, and Access Points : Looking for some good roll-up door options? We’ve got them. Want to include some walk-in doors or windows? We’ve got those, too. Interested in building in some open frame-out access points? That’s no problem. We can provide whatever you need!
  • Metal Workshop Anchors for Any Foundation : What kind of foundation do you want to use for your building? Many metal workshop buyers will go with a poured foundation like concrete or asphalt, but it’s really up to you. Central Steel Carports doesn’t provide groundwork or foundation services ourselves, but we can provide the right anchors for installation on essentially any level surface, from concrete to asphalt, to gravel, to plain level ground.
  • Steel Tube Framing and Paneling Gauge Options : We’re happy to provide the industry-standard 14-gauge steel framing for your building, but you can also upgrade to 12-gauge steel if you need a more sturdy and rugged metal workshop. You get to choose the gauge of your metal roofing and side paneling, too, including both popular 29-gauge and 26-gauge options.
  • Metal Workshop Certification : Does your installation location call for metal building certification? Central Steel Carports can certify your metal workshop to meet any required wind or snow load ratings. Your best course of action is to check with your local building code authority to see what stipulations apply. But regardless, we recommend that all of our customers consider a certified metal building because of the extra peace of mind building certification provides.

What About Metal Workshop Kits?

Central Steel Carports is happy to arrange for the installation of your building at no extra cost. But if you’re interested in going with a metal workshop that you can install on your own, we’re happy to accommodate that as well.

With the right tools and some effort invested on your part, you can always choose to install your own metal workshop kit as a DIY project. You’ll receive a discount on your building purchase price, and you’ll also have bragging rights for telling your friends, family, and neighbors that you put your metal building up yourself!

All of our metal building kits – including metal workshop kits – come with all the precision-fabricated building materials you’ll need for installing your custom metal structure. That includes steel tube framing and roof paneling and also includes all needed fasteners and anchors. You can include side paneling and trim in a range of colors as well, along with other options for customizing your own metal workshop building.

Why Choose Central Steel Carports for your Metal Workshop Building?

At Central Steel Carports, we understand that purchasing a metal workshop building can be a significant investment, and that’s why we’re committed to providing you with the best metal workshop prices. We’re here to get you whatever you need, and we’ll work to make your perfect solution as affordable as possible!

Central Steel Carports delivers the very best steel structure solutions combined with the best possible customer experience and unbeatable customer service. We only partner with the finest American metal building manufacturers to make sure you get exactly what you need. In a word, we offer better steel structures, at lower prices, with shorter lead times.

Nobody takes better care of you than our trained, friendly staff at Central Steel Carports! We take the time to listen, and we’re happy to walk with you every step of the way to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your metal building purchase.

You can check us out and connect with us online, but for an even faster response, just give us a call at  (980) 321-9898 today!

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