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Metal Horse Barns

A horse is a horse, of course. But a horse is more than just another beast of burden. Humans and horses have had a special relationship for thousands of years, and owning a horse is both a great privilege and a great responsibility.

If you’re a horse owner or are planning to purchase one or more horses, you should know that an equestrian lifestyle requires real commitment and dedication to your animals. One essential consideration is finding the right horse barn to shelter your four-hoofed friends. Traditional wooden horse barns can be expensive and aren’t cheap to maintain, either. A metal horse barn from Central Steel Carports is a more reliable and cost-effective solution!

Why Farmers, Ranchers, and Private Horse Owners Like Prefab Metal Barns

Many automatically assume that a horse barn has to be framed with wood – but that simply isn’t true. A steel horse barn has lots of advantages over a stick build, and you can customize the exterior paneling in barn red or with many other color options as well. Here are some reasons why horse owners really like prefab metal barns:

  • Durable – Steel barns aren’t susceptible to rot like wood, and they can stand up to constant use. They can also handle most anything Mother Nature throws your way, including sun, wind, rain, snow, hail, and lightning too.
  • Low-Maintenance – Steel horse barns are simpler to clean, too. Just hose them off, and hose them out! Steel structures don’t need nearly as much maintenance as stick-builds either – perfect for agricultural and other uses. And since the colors are infused into the metal, you won’t have to worry about color fading or peeling paint.
  • Fire and Pest Resistant – Horse barns tend to attract critters, but pests have a hard time penetrating steel. Termites aren’t an issue at all, and steel doesn’t harbor mold or mildew, either. And since steel is naturally incombustible, it provides much better fire protection, too.
  • Customizable – The versatility of steel allows for great creativity in architectural design and offers more usable interior building space as well. It’s also easier to expand or adapt a metal barn, should your needs change down the road.
  • Eco-Friendly – If you’re a horse owner, you probably appreciate preserving Earth’s natural resources. Choosing steel means you aren’t depleting our trees, and horse barns from Central Steel Carports are always fabricated with steel that includes a minimum percentage of recycled material. Choosing a steel barn can help you to reduce your ecological footprint!

Roof Style Options for Metal Horse Barns

Does roof style really matter for a horse barn? In a word, yes, it does! The roof helps determine how strong your barn really is, and the roof you choose helps to create whatever look you’re going for with your new horse barn. Here are some of the more popular roof style options for our metal horse barns:

  1. Regular Roof Horse Barn : The regular roof style is a classic yet also an economical choice for horse barns. It comes with a rounded roof that offers the familiar look of many traditional barns. The horizontal roof paneling runs from front to back, and this roof style works well for smaller barn applications. 
  1. A-frame Horizontal Roof / Boxed Eave Horse Barn : A-frame roofs are known interchangeably as boxed-eave roofs. The A-frame horizontal roof style is popular with property owners who want a horse barn that matches the look of their home roof. The roof paneling runs horizontally, but one advantage with the A-frame roof is that it features a stronger frame design.
  1. Vertical Roof Horse Barn : The vertical-style roof is really one of the strongest metal roofs you can get. It’s constructed on an A-frame but also comes with extra supports and reinforcements. And the vertically oriented paneling means that rain, snow, and debris are shed from your roof with greater ease.
  1. Raised Center Horse Barn : This type of barn style includes a raised center roof section, along with shorter flanking sections on either side. Many horse owners will place their animals in the center section and then will use the two adjacent barn sections for tack, feed, and other storage.
  1. Continuous Roof Barn : These are also known as Seneca barns. The continuous roof barn includes multiple sections like a raised-center barn, but the roof follows a single, unbroken, continuous pitch. One advantage of this roof style is that it provides fewer opportunities for moisture to infiltrate from above.

Metal Barn Customization Options

Beyond choosing a preferred roof style, there are many other ways you can customize your metal horse barn, as well. Here are just a few of the available options:

  • Horse Barn Size : How many horses do you need to house? And how else would you like to use your horse barn? The answers to these questions will help to decide how big of a barn you really need. And no matter how large of a metal barn you want to go with, Central Steel Carports can provide you with a custom barn built to pretty much any width, length, and height specifications.
  • Horse Barn Colors : Maybe you’d prefer to go with a traditional barn red. If so, no worries! Interested in providing another signature look for your barn? Central Steel Carports offers a wide range of colors from which to choose for your roof, side paneling, and trim. The choices are up to you!
  • Horse Barn Access Points : Looking for some roll-up door or other large door options? We’ve got them for you. Want to include some walk-in doors and windows as well? We do those, too. Would you prefer to include some open frame-out access points? That’s not a problem, either.
  • Horse Barn Anchors : What kind of foundation do you want to use for your metal horse barn? Some will choose a poured foundation like concrete, but many prefer to go with plain, level ground. While Central Steel Carports doesn’t provide groundwork or foundation services, we’ve got anchors to install on practically any level surface, including concrete, asphalt, gravel, and level ground.
  • Horse Barn Framing and Paneling Gauge Options : Many folks will go with standard 14-gauge steel for horse barn framing, but you have the option to upgrade to 12-gauge if you really need a sturdier barn. You’ve got options where the metal roofing and sides are concerned too, including both 29-gauge and 26-gauge paneling.
  • Horse Barn Certification : Do you live in an area where metal building certification is required? If so, we can certify your metal horse barn to meet any wind load or snow load stipulations. Just check with your local building code authority to see which regulations may apply. Either way, we strongly encourage all of our customers to go with a certified metal building for the added peace of mind it offers.

Helpful Planning Tips for Your Metal Horse Barn

A properly designed and placed horse barn will shelter your horses from the elements and will also help to promote their health and safety. Here are some helpful tips to assist you in thinking about where to place your horse barn and how to best optimize your barn space for your animals.

  1. Building placement : You want to select a piece of land with solid soil that’s also level. Be mindful of how prevailing winds tend to approach, along with which direction any rain and snow usually come from. This information should help you decide where to place your doors, as well as any windows you may want to use for ventilation.
  1. Barn orientation : It’s also a good idea to place your barn where you have a clear view of it from your house. A plain line of sight between your home and your horse barn can help to deter thieves. It also gives you an easier opportunity to peek out your back window to see that everything is OK with your horses and your barn.
  1. Make sure your horse barn is big enough : Big enough for what? Big enough for the horses themselves and for everything you’ll need to do for your horses. It’s not just about providing stall space. You also need to factor in things like tack space, feed storage, bathing and grooming, workspace, etc. And at Central Steel Carports, we can provide custom metal barns designed to meet any space dimension needs!
  1. Stall placement and room to move : Equine experts will tell you that horses are social animals and will feel more comfortable if they’re able to interact with their stall neighbors while stabled. To that end, it’s better to design and position your stalls in a way that horses can face and see one another. And when you’re planning out your barn interior, be sure to leave enough space in the middle to allow for safe, easy passage of your horses in, out, and through the barn itself.
  1. Don’t forget about proper ventilation and lighting : The ventilation and lighting you choose to include can really make or break an optimal horse barn. Horses need healthy breathing air, and proper ventilation also helps to move harmful ammonia, pathogens, and foul smells out of your barn. And don’t make your barn completely airtight in the winter either; horses require good ventilation year-round.

Why does proper lighting matter? Nobody likes staying in a dark box, and that includes horses, too. And the best lighting plan will make maximum use of natural light as much as possible. Sunlight is known to help kill unhealthy bacteria and viruses, and horses honestly prefer sunlight to artificial lighting.

What About Metal Horse Barn Kits?

Absolutely! Central Steel Carports already offers some great metal horse barn prices for our installed buildings, but we’re also happy to make metal horse barn kits available at an additional discount.

With the right tools and some sweat equity, you really can install your own metal barn kit as a DIY project. You’ll save a little money on labor costs, and you’ll also gain bragging rights for being able to say you put your horse barn up yourself!

All of our metal building kits – including metal barn kits – come with all the custom-fabricated building materials you’ll need to install your perfect barn building. That includes all of the steel tube framing, roof paneling, and side paneling, and it also comes with all the needed fasteners and anchors. Want to add some doors, windows, and trim? You sure can. You’ve got lots of options there too; in fact, there are all sorts of ways you can customize and personalize your metal horse barn kit!

Why Choose Central Steel Carports for Your Metal Horse Barn?

At Central Steel Carports, we understand that purchasing a metal horse barn can be a significant investment, but that really pales in comparison with how owning a metal horse barn can help to protect your precious horse investments! We can get you whatever you need in a horse barn, and our metal horse barn prices are incredibly competitive.

Central Steel Carports is committed to providing you with the very best steel structure solutions, combined with the best possible customer experience and unbeatable customer service. We only partner with the best American metal building manufacturers to make sure we can get you what you need. And these preferred manufacturer relationships enable us to offer you better steel structures, at lower prices, with shorter lead times.

Nobody takes better care of you than our trained, experienced, friendly sales and support staff at Central Steel Carports. We take the time to really listen so we can understand your needs, and we’ll walk with you every step of the way to make sure you get the exact steel structure you’re looking for.

You can check us out and connect with us online, but for an even faster response, just give us a call at (980) 321-9898 today!

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