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18x21x8 Standard Metal Garage
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regular roof garages

Have you recently invested in a new vehicle? Lawn mower? Maybe a new piece of farming equipment? No matter what your situation may be, if you’ve made the decision to invest your hard-earned money in a vehicle or piece of equipment, you should provide it with the best possible protection. And we have just the solution for you here at Central Steel Carports. Our regular style metal garages are the most economical way to keep your property protected from theft and Mother Nature without compromising the strength or quality of the structure. Similar to the aesthetics of an older, more traditional house or barn, our metal garages can easily be recognized by their signature curved corners. They also include horizontal paneling that runs from one end of the structure to the opposite. If you’re in need of a fully-enclosed structure and do not typically experience high winds or heavy precipitation in your area, a regular roof style garage is the best choice for your needs.

Daily Uses for Regular Roof Garages

Most people nowadays use garages as a storage unit or a place to park their vehicles when not in use, and while these are logical ways to use a garage, there is so much more to them. Whether you have a garage and simply don’t use it, or if you’re looking into getting one and want to add a personal touch, we have something for everyone. Take a look at some of our ways to use a regular roof style metal garage below:

  • Playroom
  • Art Studio
  • Home Office
  • Private Gym
  • Man Cave or She Shed
  • Guest Room

Here at Central Steel Carports, we want each of our customers to have a stress-free, educational experience when working with us. No matter what your needs or budget may be, we walk with you every step of the way to provide assistance when needed. Unlike other steel building companies, we don’t focus solely on selling you a metal building or making money, we focus on making our customers happy. We don’t want you to wait until it’s too late, go ahead and give us a call at ☎ (336) 415-3640 to speak with one of our professional building representatives about getting your dream garage.

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