Central Steel Carports is proud to provide a wide array of metal sheds sourced with quality American steel that are a perfect storage solution for virtually any outdoor environment. Plus, we’re happy to provide delivery and installation of your metal sheds anywhere within our service area, at no additional charge!

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30x30 Lean-to Garage
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54x40 Lean-to Garage
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Metal Storage Sheds

Storage sheds have been around for hundreds of years, but today’s modern metal storage shed offers many advantages in terms of strength, longevity, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness. In fact, a precision-engineered steel storage shed provides superior resistance to the elements, requires very little maintenance, and may actually reduce your property insurance costs!

No-Hassle, Low-Maintenance Metal Storage Sheds

Not only are metal storage sheds an affordable option, they also provide the potential for use in a number of applications, including the following:

Metal Storage Sheds

Basically, if you need to store it in an outdoor sheltered environment, then there’s a metal storage shed for that! They’re good for storing yard sale items, equipment, recreational items, seasonal decorations, and a whole lot more.

Boat Sheds

Need a cover just for protecting your boat and trailer from sun, wind, and storms? We can provide you with a rugged steel shed that will do just the trick.

Garden Sheds

Garden sheds are some of the most popular backyard sheds, as they’re great for keeping lawn mowers, weed eaters, sprinklers, hoses, garden tools, and whatever else you use in your garden or backyard.

Wood Sheds

We’re not talking about a shed made of wood (stick-build sheds are far inferior to steel sheds!); we’re talking about a protected place for curing your firewood and keeping it dry. Metal sheds are very popular choices for storing firewood.

Hobby Sheds

Need a quiet, dedicated space for working on your hobbies, crafts, and personal projects? A backyard steel shed is a perfect place to keep all your tools and supplies, and also give you some room to work.

Farm & Agricultural Sheds

Metal sheds have many applications in farm and agricultural settings. They’re great for storing hay, grain, feed, seed, crops, equipment, and a wide assortment of farm tools.

Animal Shelters

Steel sheds can also be designed to be large enough to use as horse barns, poultry barns, livestock shelters, and dairy or egg production facilities. They also make perfect kennels for your dogs or other pets.

Car Sheds and Parking Shelters

Carports and garages are a mainstay at Central Steel Carports, and we can provide you with a custom metal storage shed to house any personal or recreational vehicle – including cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs, buses, boats, trailers, and tractors!

Unique Advantages of a Steel Shed

Steel sheds are becoming more popular across America for good reason. They’re more affordable than renting space at an outdoor storage facility, and it’s much more convenient to have reliable storage space located right in your backyard. A wooden shed isn’t as durable as a steel shed, and wooden sheds require significantly more maintenance, too.

The standard 14-gauge framing and 29-gauge sheet metal that comes with a steel storage shed provides great resistance to both weather and pests. Located in an area that experiences more extreme weather, or need a shed for more industrial applications? You can always choose to upgrade to our sturdier 12-gauge framing and 26-gauge sheet metal options.

There are other advantages to choosing steel, too. It won’t rot like wood, it’s impervious to termites and other pests, and it doesn’t play host to mold, mildew, or moss. A pre-fabricated shed also needs less time, labor, and energy resources to build; once the engineered components are delivered to your site, most of our sheds from Central Steel Carports can be fully installed in a matter of hours! Plus, the versatility of steel allows for flexibility in building design, and greater maximization of usable interior building space. It’s easier to adapt or expand an engineered steel shed as your needs change, as well.

Choose the Roof Style that Works Best for You

Our metal sheds come with three different roof style options, each with its own unique set of features and benefits:

  • Regular Roof Style

    – The regular roof is a popular choice for its rounded look, and it also happens to be the most economical option. This roof has horizontal panels in a classic design reminiscent of a traditional barn-like appearance.

  • A-Frame Roof Style

    – Also known as a Boxed Eave Roof, this style offers you the option to better match your steel shed with the look of your house. The design includes a more sturdy A-frame roof structure with horizontal paneling.

  • Vertical Roof Style

    – Our premium option! This roof style has an A-frame structure and includes additional reinforcements for maximum strength. The vertically-oriented panels channel rainwater, snow, and debris off of your roof and away from your building more effectively than horizontal paneling, too.

Customize Your Shed Any Way You Want

With Central Steel Carports, you have no lack of options when it comes to customization options. We can help you design a metal storage shed to suit all your needs, as well as your budget! The colors, roof style, walls, doors, windows, anchors, wind/snow load certification options, and more can all be customized to match your exact specifications. Choose from one of our popular metal shed designs, or you can opt to custom design your own shed from the ground up! And speaking of the ground, we can install your shed on any level surface, including concrete, asphalt, gravel, or earth. Just note that we don’t provide any paving or groundwork preparation services, and you must ensure that your site is level prior to install. If you have any specific questions about leveling requirements, we’ll happy to walk you through those, too.

Choose Central Steel Carports for Your Perfect Metal Shed

At Central Steel Carports, we’re here to provide you the best steel structure with a great customer experience and unbeatable customer service. We only partner with the finest local and regional American metal building manufacturers. Our relationships with these providers allow us to offer you better steel buildings with shorter lead times, all at reasonable prices. We also provide shed delivery and installation anywhere within our service area at NO extra charge. We’re here to take care of you every step of the way!

We also back our products with some of the best warranties in the business, including a 20-year rust-through warranty on the frame, a 10-year warranty for the paneling, and a 1-year workmanship warranty. No matter how you plan to use your shed, you can count on it to provide you with decades of reliable, low-maintenance service.

If you’re ready to get the right metal shed, look no further than Central Steel Carports! Give us a call at ☎ (336) 415-3640, and let us help you get your dream metal structure today!

Metal Shed FAQ’s

Q1: How can I ensure the sturdiness of my shed?

Our steel sheds are much more sturdy than sheds constructed with wood or other materials. If you live in an area that deals with more extreme weather, you can always upgrade to our sturdier 12-gauge steel framing and 26-gauge steel sheeting. Plus, we can provide reinforcements to certify your shed to meet any local wind or snow load requirements.

Q2: What foundation is required for a shed?

That’s really up to you, and how you intend to use your building. We can install on almost any level surface, including concrete, asphalt, gravel, and ground. The only thing we require is that you ensure your site is level and cleared of vegetation or debris before we arrive to perform your installation.

Q3: Where must I position my shed?

As long as it’s compliant with your local building codes and ordinances, it’s pretty much up to you where you decide to have your shed installed. Building permits are also required in many areas, so you’ll have to go through the proper channels to secure those. Typically, there is a limit to how close your shed can be to your house or to surrounding property lines. You also want to ensure that there’s enough clearance around your shed to allow for easy access.

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