Types of Metal Carport Anchors & Their Importance

Types of Metal Carport Anchors and Their Application

Steel carports, garages, and other buildings are built to stand strong against wind, rain, snow, and other threats. But even a well-built metal structure can be blown over if it isn’t properly secured to the ground in the first place. Choosing and installing the right anchors is essential! What’s the right anchor to use with your building? That depends primarily upon which type of leveled surface your building will be installed. Read on to learn about some of the different types of anchors and their appropriate applications:

Rebar Anchors

Rebar anchors can be used to secure a steel building directly to the ground in areas with strong, sturdy soil. These anchors are one-half inch wide by 32 inches long, and are made from the same type of rebar material that is commonly placed inside concrete to provide structural soundness for construction projects.

During installation of a metal building, the base rail is drilled with holes and the rebar anchors are then inserted and hammered into the ground. Stronger auger-style anchors are recommended if your soil is soft or has been recently disturbed (e.g. for leveling purposes) prior to building installation. Auger anchors are also recommended if you live in an area that experiences greater wind extremes.

Auger Anchors or Mobile Home Anchors

Auger anchors, which are also called mobile home anchors, are a more secure choice for anchoring a metal building into an unpaved ground surface. The auger design helps the anchor to stay more secure in the ground than with a plain rebar design. Pilot holes are made in the soil at each spot where an auger anchor is to be installed. Each auger anchor is then turned into the ground with a metal rod or strong tool handle until secure. Cables or straps are then used to fasten the base rail to the auger anchors.

A key advantage of choosing auger anchors for an unpaved ground site installation is that they enable your metal building to be certified for wind and/or snow load ratings. A building that is anchored in the ground with rebar alone cannot be certified.

Concrete Anchors

If you choose to install on concrete, then concrete anchors will be used to secure your metal building to its foundation. This type of anchor is very strong, and is effective in areas that experience higher wind extremes. Concrete anchors are expansion bolts that are specially-designed for use with concrete. Holes are drilled in the base rail of the metal building, and then down into the concrete to a typical depth of three to four inches. Nuts with locking washers are then placed on the ends of the bolts and tightened down.

The process of tightening the bolts causes them to expand in the drilled holes. This pressure on the walls of the concrete holes makes it very difficult for these anchors to be dislodged. The length of the concrete anchors used will depend somewhat on the thickness of the concrete foundation.

Asphalt Anchors

Asphalt requires its own special kind of anchor. Concrete expansion bolts are not effective with asphalt because asphalt is softer and more likely to crack with bolt expansion. Thus, an asphalt anchor has either a screw-like thread design or strong barbs that grab the asphalt (much like a fish hook) once the anchor is inserted. Much like an auger anchor, asphalt anchors are turned into pilot holes in the asphalt until secure, and then cables or straps are used to attach the base rail to the anchors.

The Right Anchor for the Right Foundation

One nice feature about metal buildings is that they can be installed on almost any type of foundation. For best results, though, it’s important to use the right anchor for the right foundation. And if winds or other weather threats are a concern in your area, you can always choose to add additional anchors beyond those that come standard with your building. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and the cost of adding a few more anchors is really pretty minimal.

If you have any other specific questions about anchors, or anything else related to your install site, just reach out to one of our metal building experts at Central Steel Carports!

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