Steel Carports vs. Wooden Carports – A Debate Worth Your Consideration

Carports are excellent sources of protection for your vehicles as well as your other belongings; they’re also a great addition to your home. But on top of protecting your property, they can also be used as an entertainment or picnic area, an animal shelter, a storage unit, or an open-space workshop. These versatile structures have the ability to fulfill most every need you may have, but when it comes to choosing the best building material for the job, it can be difficult. There are several differences between wooden carports and steel carports that make them attractive to buyers, So, to help you make an educated decision, we’ve laid out the differences between both materials:

  • Steel Carports are Far More Durable

One of the biggest advantages steel holds over wood is its durability. Each prefab carport at Central Steel Carports is designed and engineered with heavy-duty steel to withstand certain wind and snow loads in severe weather conditions. While on the other hand, when wood is left under structural stress for periods of time, it is likely to take on extensive damage and, in some cases, collapse. But since each steel component used for our structures undergoes a galvanization process during manufacturing, it has the ability to withstand fires, rust, and other damages.

  • The Overall Cost of a Prefab Steel Carport is Significantly Less

Price always matters, no matter the situation or the product. And when it comes to an investment as significant as a new carport, the final price will be a big deciding factor. There are several variations that will affect the overall cost of your new structure, including its size, style, features (windows, doors, premium colors, etc.), and its install location. But when you take these certain factors and the additional costs associated with wood, such as maintenance and repair fees, installation costs, material costs, and the lifespan of the materials, wooden units can cost quite a bit more. If you’re looking for a means of shelter that won’t cost you a fortune over time, steel is the best way to go. While its initial price may be a little more, you won’t have to worry yourself with additional expenses throughout the years.

  • Steel Carports Require Little to No Maintenance

From the day they’re installed, to years down the road, stick-builds require an extensive amount of maintenance. You’ll have to constantly check for signs of warping, rotting, mold or mildew, pest infestations, and other possible issues. This structure type will also need to have a fresh coat of paint and stain applied every few years. With a steel unit, the color is infused during manufacturing, keeping the paint from fading or peeling throughout the years. And because they’re built with galvanized steel framing, these structures aren’t susceptible to critters or pest infestations, rust, rot, mold, or mildew. We simply recommend performing a routine maintenance check after the seasons change and after any severe storm.

  • Assembling a Steel Carport is a Breeze

When it comes to assembling a prefab steel carport, each unit arrives to the designated site pre-drilled and ready for assembly. Unless your structure is large enough to require a lift, there are no pieces of heavy equipment required for assembly. You could even install your very own steel carport without the help of a contractor! It really is that easy. On the other hand, the assembly time required for a wooden structure will depend on how large the building is, what it’s being used for, and weather conditions. While it can take up to a week, or longer, to install a wooden carport, a steel carport can be up and ready-to-go within the matter of hours or a few days.

  • Let’s Not Forget How Eco-Friendly Steel Is

Although it’s a lesser known benefit, steel is also a very eco-friendly material. Steel carports are made of recycled materials, meaning when your carport has come to the end of its lifespan, it can be reused instead of becoming another pile of junk in a landfill. In order to have the materials for a wooden carport, trees will have to be cut down and processed. And when these structures exceed their lifespan, they’re left to rot or are burnt, unleashing harsh chemicals into the atmosphere.

  • Steel Carports are Safer than Wooden Carports

Overall, steel carports are a much safer option when compared to wooden buildings. Steel is impervious to fire, but wood isn’t. When a wooden structure catches fire, it’s much harder to stop it as it can spread quickly throughout the unit. Since steel undergoes a galvanization process, it isn’t susceptible to the spread of fire, keeping your vehicles and other belongings safely protected inside.

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