Rent to Own Program for Prefabricated Metal Building

Rent to Own Program for Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Maybe you need a metal garage, carport, or other outbuilding for your home or business, but aren’t sure how to pay for it. The good news is that with Central Steel Carports, you’ve got options! We’re here to help, and we may have just the right solution for you, even if you don’t have perfect credit!

Why Our Rent to Own Program is a Good Option

You work hard to make ends meet, but some tough circumstances may have resulted in you having less-than-perfect credit. On the other hand, you may have good credit but just don’t want to impact your credit score with a large one-time purchase. For either of these cases, rent to own could be a great option for you!

The rent to own program works like a financed loan, but contains more flexibility than borrowing from a traditional lender. Through this program, you can get a building worth up to $16,000 with NO credit check! You can also choose the length of payment installment plan (24, 36, 48, or 60 months) that makes the most sense for you.

Besides needing NO credit check and having flexible payment plans, there are other advantages to consider with Rent to Own, too:

Why Buy with Rent to Own?

Rent to own programs can be attractive to buyers, especially those who expect to be in a stronger financial position within a few years.

• Instant Results

Find out if you qualify immediately. You can begin the planning process for your new building as soon as you’re approved!

• No Large Capital Expenditure Impact on Personal or Business Resources

If you pay cash, it drains your personal or business resources. Buying a metal sheds for your business outright impacts your reported profits and can impact your credit rating. Instead, choose a small cash outlay followed by affordable monthly rental fees that convert to equity once you pay the final installment.

• No Credit Score Required

You don’t have to worry about impacting your credit score, because that doesn’t come into play with Rent to Own!

• Lock in Your Purchase Price

A rent to own purchase is a lease with an option to buy, and it allows you to lock in your purchase price. You start renting now, but in a few years, you can become an outright owner. It’s a great plan that fits within your budget, and rewards you with instant equity at the conclusion of the program.

• Delivery and Installation at No Extra Charge

You don’t have to worry about freight or labor charges. Expert installers will come to your home or business and put up your building for you! You can get your metal building installed in a matter of weeks, rather than having to wait months for a stick-build structure.

Things to Consider

Ready to learn more? You can head here for more details and to get started. You can also just pick up the phone and give us a call, we’ll be happy to answer any questions that might help you decide if Rent to Own is right for you!

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