Rent to Own Program for Prefabricated Metal Building

Rent to Own Program for Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Maybe you need a garage, carport or other outbuilding for your home or business, but don’t have the time, effort or know how to build one from scratch. It’s time to find out about your other options. Call us today to make and install a sturdy metal structure at your home or business. Even better, learn about rent to own financing options that enable you to get one of these amazing buildings today. We’re here to help, especially if you don’t have perfect credit.

Why Rent to Own Program is For You

You work hard to make ends meet, but through a variety of circumstances, you have less than perfect credit. Even with good credit, you may not want to impact your credit score with a large one-time purchase. Now, there is another way.

The rent to own program works like a financed loan but contains more flexibility than borrowing from an outside lender. You can get a building worth up to $8,000 with no down payment and regardless of imperfect payment history. Pay in installments of 36 months or less, after which the building belongs to you. For carports and garages that cost more than your approved limit, you have the option to pay the balance before installation. If you have good credit you can still take advantage of the rent to own option. Actually, with good credit you can rent to own buildings worth up to $25,000.

There are many reasons you should choose rent to own financing. The main benefit is that it’s flexible and provides options that do not consider or impact your credit rating. However, there are other advantages to consider.

Why Buy with Rent to Own?

Rent to own programs can be attractive to buyers, especially those who expect to be in a stronger financial position within a few years.

Instant Results

Find out immediately if you qualify. You can begin the planning process for your new building as soon as you’re approved.

No Capital Expenditure that Impacts Your Profitability

If you pay cash, it drains your personal or business resources. Buying a metal building for your business outright impacts your reported profits and impacts your credit rating. Instead, choose a small cash outlay followed by affordable monthly rental fees that convert to equity when you pay the final installment.

No Credit Score Required

You don’t have to worry about your credit score, which isn’t required for this agreement. It also won’t drag down your credit rating. 

Lock in a Purchase Price

A rent to own purchase is like getting into a time machine. You start renting now, but in a few years, you become an owner. You get instant equity and time to build up your credit score in between.

Free Delivery and Installation

You don’t have to worry about freight or labor charges. Forget planning out complicated building stages and various expenses. Expert installers come to your home or business to construct your new garage or carport for free. Did we mention it’s also much faster than traditional building methods which take months instead of days?

Things to Consider

When you contact us, we encourage you to ask any questions that will help you decide if this program can work for you. There may be cheaper options that bring down the monthly payment. Also, consider the problems this will solve for you, including protection from the elements, extreme weather and greater security for your vehicles and other property.

Perfect credit is nice, but flexible financing that works for you is even better. Contact us today for more information on the rent to own program. You can get a prefabricated carport, garbage or other metal building immediately without a huge one-time cost.