Metal Carports

Central Steel Carports brings you the best carports and outdoor buildings to protect your vehicles from harsh and inclement weather conditions. Our affordable prices, easy payment plans, financing and RTO options make it possible for home owners to get that extra outdoor storage space with the best value for their money. Our customers have used steel carports what adding that extra storage and to protect their belongings from sun, hail, high-speed winds, and rain. Many of our customers also use our carports and buildings as a hunting shed, hobby building, and a man cave.

Built with galvanized steel, our metal carports are versatile enough and can customized as per your needs, you can select from:

Single Car Carport: These carports well accommodate one car, typically build with a minimum dimension of 12feet wide, 21 feet long and 6 feet tall these carports give you enough covered space to use them for other applications too. You can further customize one car metal carports just like any other big steel structure by adding gables, selecting colors, anchors, side panels and roof styles.

Two Car Carport: Two car carport or double wide metal carport is ideal to shelter two cars and are offered from 18 feet to 24 feet width. Double carports are a great investment due to their size. We recommend our users to add a 5’ or 10’ storage to these carports to turn them into a utility carport.

Partially Enclosed Metal Carport: Partially enclosed metal carports feature additional panels on both the sides, which eventually protect cars from weather elements with ventilation and easy access. Panels provide better protection from sun, wind, rain and give additional strength to the structure.

Utility Sheds: The most versatile metal carport structure, a utility carport offers you the best of both worlds. It has an enclosed metal building, carport, and even a lean-to shed in just one building.

Metal Carport Roof Styles

Metal carport is a shed and roof is its most important part thus which comes in three different types i.e.

Standard Roof Metal Carport: These rounded and curved roofs feature horizontal ridges and is available in various sizes. Regular style roofs are most economical and affordable as compared to boxed eave or vertical roof metal carports due to horizontal panels, but it doesn’t affect its strength or makes it less durable or inferior in quality.

Boxed Eave Roof Metal Carport: Boxed eave metal carport or A-frame metal carport is again an economical and reasonable priced carport which feature horizontal panels but with “A” framed roof.

Vertical Roof Metal Carport: A frame roofs with vertical panels allow dirt trash, debris, water/rain, snow and hail exit off quicker than other two types of roof styles.