Metal Barns

Pre-engineered metal barns are proven, and trusted solution for all your shelter needs like protecting cattle & horses, storing farm equipment, grains, hay and safeguard them from weather elements. Thus, buying a steel barn is always a wise decision instead of experimenting with your money on wooden or fabric material.

What is Metal Barn?

Traditionally built to housing horses, metal barn uses expanded to farm, agricultural and even industrial or commercial purposes. A barn is a systematic blend of two metal sheds, where one used as a central building and another split into two parts named as left lean-to and right lean-to. While the center building used as a lobby, feed storage, washing, and operations, lean-tos are used to accommodate horses or livestock. Central Steel Carports offers metal barns in a variety of roof styles.

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Metal Barns Roof Styles

Horse Barns: These horse barns cost effective and feature horizontal roofs, thus primarily built to shelter horses. Horse barns have wrapped corners with low slopes, roof with horizontal ridges, which force drain to get collected to the front and back of the roof. With classic looks, affordable prices, easy maintenance, and long-life horse barns are the primary choices for horse owners.

Carolina Barn: Superior, robust and best suited for all your sheltering needs. Carolina barns are also known as center aisle barns or center raised barns, unlike Seneca barns center building in these types of barn placed 2’ above the lean-tos and places in a non-continuous fashion. These are traditional barns or stables which can provide tack room, stalls, feed room, wash racks in one building. Due to its versatility, this barn is the most adaptable and popular stabling option in United State.

Seneca Barn: A-frame structure barns with a continuous roof for additional strength, Seneca barns are also known as continuous roof barns. These barns look different from traditional barns and thus can utilize for residential, agricultural, farm and commercial purposes. Seneca barns remain not raised from the center and lean-tos in Seneca barns are placed 3’ down to the central building. Seneca barns are strong enough to face extreme weather conditions like heavy snow, high-wind or heavy rain because of their continuous roof.

Buying Metal Barns from Central Steel Carports

Our metal barns builds with excellent workmanship which helps them to stand tall against weather elements. We understand you may think “A Metal Barn is a Metal Barn” and everyone made them similar than what makes our metal barns different from others?

  • Service Excellence: We are industry professionals and don’t leave our customers in limbo, we understand metal building industry, and that’s why we can give provide best metal barn solutions than anyone else can with industry leading customer support system. Our support system is backed up with many communication channels for your ease you can call, contact us through form, email us or even chat with our experts.
  • Manufacturing Excellence: We only work with top notch, quality metal building manufacturers to ensure every metal barn we sell, are manufactured by best in the industry processes, is certified and is designed by experienced engineers and crafted by highly skilled workers.
  • Componentization: The beauty of pre-engineered metal barns lies in componentization- longevity, strength, the robustness of metal barns we are featuring depends on how finely metal building all components manufactured. Metal building componentization did as,
  1. Roof bows, trusses, roof braces and structure trims carry tensile forces of your metal building, which gives strength and stability to an upper part of the metal barn. These components are manufactured in 12-gauge or 14-gauge galvanized steel and called tension components.
  2. Metal building legs, tubing, walls, corner trims, base rails are components which are compressed to the evolved engineering standards during the manufacturing process to bear the maximum load. Thus, making sure the structure doesn’t cave in and can handle heavy snow loads.
  3. Anchors, screws, bolts, nuts, washers, connectors, fasteners, hat channels, trims, ridge caps, roofs are connectors which convert all components into a metal barn building. Wind, snow and all other capacities of any metal barn are calculated based on connecting components.
  • Economic: Metal barns are economical as compared to wooden barns, easy to install and requires less workforce. Thus, whether you are concerned about the initial prices or the maintenance cost steel barn will always be your wallet’s best friend.
  • Customization: Customize your steel barn as per your need select size, roof, windows, door, color, a wall with our customization tools like color your building and design your building, estimate the pricing online and place an order.
  • Eco-Friendly: Our steel barns are 100% recyclable, we use premium quality galvanized steel which is resistant to rust and decay.

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