Commercial Metal Buildings

Buildings of width up and beyond 32 feet are usually installed for commercial purposes. That doesn’t mean home owners cannot have extra wide Central Steel Carports’ buildings. As a matter of fact, we have had many of our residential customers, using extra wide buildings for convenient storage and man-caves where they move the extra clutter out from their house and giving more space to their better-halves, children and pets.

A 40’ x 60’metal building is our most popular extra-wide size. However, many people need a little more room for maneuverability. If so, a 50’ x 60’ metal building may be a perfect fit. If the property allows, a 50’ x 60’ building provides an additional 600 square feet over the 40’ x 60’ unit, giving you the room you will require.

As with all metal buildings, you may choose any eave height you need for a 50’ x 60’ steel building.  We find most people choose between 16’-20’ heights in this size. Your specific building application dictates the optimal building height. If your structure needs a greater than 20’ eave height, ask for a custom quote from Central Steel Carports.

As with a 40’ x 60’, a 50’ x 60 metal structure works very well as a multi-purpose for homeowners.

Farmers and ranchers find a 50’ x 60’ metal barn supplies ample room for hay or product storage, equipment storage, or livestock. Churches and schools could divide the structure into multiple classrooms or offices— or choose to leave the space open for a large detached meeting room or recreational area.

Retail applications like appliance, antique, furniture, or clothing stores should consider installing large glass windows on the wider end wall of a 50’ x 60’ structure, creating attractive display windows for their wares. This size works great as a mid-sized diner or family restaurant, a mom-and-pop family business, or an auto parts or auto repair shop.

Why Central Steel Carports for Commercial Metal Buildings?

When you are buying the commercial metal building, it’s a wise choice to find the best in the industry workmanship, free delivery, and installation, standard repair & warranties at affordable prices. You trust Central Steel Carports for all your commercial building needs because all our commercial buildings backed with

  • 1 Year Workmanship Warranty
  • 20 Year rust through warranty
  • Certified Building
  • 29 Gauge Roofing
  • Cement Anchors
  • Mobile Home Anchors
  • Welded Truss

Apart from this, you get a “Made in America” trust, as we are a proud dealer of Eagle Carports, American Steel Carports, Carolina Carports Inc. All commercial metal carports are made in America. For more details about commercial metal building you can contact us at +1(336)415-3640 or drop us a mail at, our metal building experts will reach you.